Jumat, 06 Mei 2016



SRD-1676DP 16CH, 1280H (950TVL) real-time DVR, 400fps@1280 x 576
SRD-1656DP 16CH, 1280H (950TVL) non real-time DVR, 100fps@1280 x 576
SRD-1654DP 16CH Real-time CIF Digital Video Recorder, 480fps, Dual HDMI and VGA outpu
SRD-1642P 16CH 960H, 480/400fps, Coax, Tampering
SRD-876DP 8CH, 1280H (950TVL) real-time DVR, 200fps@1280 x 576
SRD-854DP 8CH Real-time 960H Digital Video Recorder, 240fps , Dual HDMI and VGA outp
SRD-842 8CH, 4CIF/ 240fps, Coax, Tampering
SRD-482 4CH, HD, FHD(2M)/ 120fps
SRD-476DP 4CH, 1280H (950TVL) real-time DVR, 100fps@1280 x 576
SRD-445 800TVL(1280H)/120fps HDD(2)
SRD-443P 4CH @4CIF 120fps


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